Feeling Good with Oxygen
Means More Energy
and a Better You

Feeling Good with Oxygen - You becoming more aware of your body’s critical need for oxygen, and how to gain a higher level of it internally is necessary, so you can have more energy, feel better, and be a better you.

Research is showing we are only breathing half the oxygen our bodies are designed to function well with.

And just as amazing to me, as may be to you, is that few are aware of it or know this is a serious problem to our overall health. And its hindering our feeling good with oxygen.

But we’re here to fix that, so lets see what “Feeling Good with Oxygen” is all about.

You Are Breathing In What !?!

Every day as we breath in and out, we are exposed to an onslaught of toxins, viruses, bacteria, and fungi, you name it - greater hazards than man has ever known in history - and to think, we are attempting to feel better over these threats to our health with half the oxygen required to defend ourselves.

Few are aware that Oxygen is Nature's #1 most powerful and effective element that protects us from these hazards - it literally destroys them or renders these elements harmless.

Not only is it our most important health protector; is is our most important health promoter. Its amazing how much it keeps us feeling good. We will talk more on that latter.

Would you agree that with this alarming news, increasing our internal oxygen level can help us? I think we both agree.

Then too, its reasonable to think that the more we have the more we can defend ourselves and promote better health and feel good, right?

So, what’s happening?

Deficient In Oxygen?     How Are Researchers
Concluding This

They are saying our world is not producing as much as it used to, and a greater amount is being consumed, leaving less available for us. How can this be true?

As oxygen breathing critters on this planet its scary to see we're all facing the destruction of our greatest oxygen producing resources!

Who would have ever believed it? ...an Oxygen Shortage!

We are all aware of the disappearing Rain Forest, right?

We've heard it for years, and there are many reasons for concern. In the past, our biggest benefit from the the great rain forest has been the massive amount of oxygen it gave off.

One hundred years ago the Amazon rain forests gave us over one third of our global oxygen - today we are doing well to get three–sixteenths from this source.

This is something you don't think about everyday - Along every seashore and ocean in the world, growing in the water, are a vast number of tiny plants we call sea plankton.

This nutritious little sea vegetable puts off more oxygen than you can begin to imagine. - Without a doubt is has to be the greatest single oxygen recourse in the world.

The bad news here is that almost every seashore and oceanic coast line in the world is polluted - and its killing off plankton on a grand scale.

Scary isn’t it. But there is more. Let’s not forget about Air Pollution.

Unless you are a chemist, or got a lot out of a chemistry class, you may not have discovered it, but the number one thing that destroys, or renders pollutants harmless (outside the body as well as inside the body) is...
oxygen.      Oh, you guessed it! ...and I was so hoping to surprise you.

Thieves Are Stealing Our Oxygen

What you probably don't realize is that, to us, pollutants are not only toxic to us, but are thieves where we are concerned. smog @ sunset = poor air quality - need Oxygen Elements @ Feelingbetter.Net Oxygen destroys pollutants. On land, in the sea, or in the air.

The more pollutants the more oxygen required to destroy them.

Leaving us less to breath and use.

And less available to destroy bacteria, virus, and many other low oxygen or non–oxygen critters (anaerobes) that make us sick or kill us.

Its as simple as that!

Not much to feel better about.     (...yet)

So What Does this Mean You and Me

It means we are all suffering with oxygen deficiency - no one is escaping it.
(OK, if you live in the Rain Forest you have one up on the rest of us)

Whether it is by land, or by sea, or by air, we are impacted everyday by our polluted environment, and our health is constantly under attack.

For instance...

Current research indicates there are over 60,000 more toxic chemicals in the atmosphere than detected ten years ago.

It has been reported that LA smog is equivalent to smoking four packs of cigarettes a day.

The number one cause of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is smoking — in LA its not "required" to be a smoker to be highly susceptible to this disease that commonly includes Emphysema and Chronic Bronchitis.

These are diseases that further limit oxygen intake.

Our Amazing Bodies Its A Fact — our bodies make great attempts to adjust to our environment, even with less oxygen, to the best of their capabilities, and often we don't notice it. It's virtually a hidden process we are not sensitive to. We don’t realize our bodies are in a weaker state than they should be.

Do you remember that I mentioned that oxygen destroys toxins outside and inside the body? A generous amount of it is required to perform the task of keeping us healthy. If that quantity is low then toxin elimination is reduced and toxins slowly build up in the body - they are not getting destroyed and they have nowhere to go.

Steady declining poor health follows over our years, and low energy is an early sign. High caffeine drinks won’t fix it - that's just dodging the bullet. But lets not forget, we are here to fix this.

You Are In This Equasion

Lets do the math...

Pollution + Less Oxygen Production = Oxygen Deficiency = poor Health and poor physical and mental performance!

I would have to say, this looks like the opposite way of “Feeling Good with Oxygen” and not a path we should stay on.

All too many of us think we are just fine as long as we are not obviously sick.

We see and hear of ill health all around us, and happy its not us.

“So why do anything about it”, many often say.

Is it occurring to anyone that all too often it starts with oxygen deficiency that impacts us over several years before problems surface?

How long can a body put up with toxins building up before you see serious or disastrous consequences? (such as cancer)

Consider too, that people can have a greater oxygen deficiency when suffering with an illness that consumes a lot of oxygen to meet the illness challenge. This can deprive other areas in the body and can lead to more health problems.

Many scientists - for more than seventy years, agree that oxygen starvation at the cellular level is the foundation of infection and disease.

Oxygen is responsible for detoxifying the cell, cleaning it out, and preparing the way to receive nutrients to build healthy cells and is a part of that building process.

Cells in the body deficient in oxygen become weak, lowering the immune system, and some degenerate into sub–human cells - even into such cells as cancer cells, or cells involved in yeast infections ...creating a foundations for many diseases to thrive in.

What About Cancer
and Other Low Oxygen Diseases

Cancer should be called the ' "Oxygen Deficiency Disease"
Cancer cannot survive in a high oxygen environment. couple holding hands on hospital bed

"Cancer is a condition within the body where the oxidation has become so depleted that the body cells have degenerated beyond physiological control.

Similarly, the true cause of allergy is a lowered oxidation process within the body, causing the affected individual to be sensitive to foreign substances entering the body.

Only when the oxidation mechanism is restored to its original highest state of efficiency can the sensitivity be eliminated." Dr. Wendell Hendricks, Hendricks Research Foundation

Dr. Arthur C. Guyton, M.D., Author "The Textbook on Medical Physiology," states; "All chronic pain, suffering, and diseases are caused by a lack of oxygen at the cell level."

“...Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease.

The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established.

The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce.” Dr. W. Spencer Way: Journal of the American Association of Physicians

Do you see again that insufficient amounts of this important element in the body leaves you unprotected and open to viruses, cancer, yeast, fungi, bacteria, and other anaerobic disease generating devices?

Is “Feeling Good with Oxygen” becoming more meaningful to you?     Lets see what we can do about it.


“Here's What I Discovered”

Impressive Benefits from
Increasing Oxygen

It cleans the blood and improves circulation — look for more energy, better blood pressure, more mental alertness.

It improves muscle strength and stamina — a better workout with less pain — you’ve got to feel better about that.

It makes the difference if you want a quick exercise workout recovery.

It’s a powerful anti–aging agent

It increases your energy level — you can wake up alert and feel better all day long.

It’s important for fighting depression

It increases fat cell break–down — having a powerful impact on any weight loss program, and should be made a key part of it. Did you know, burning fat cells gives you more energy?

It fights inflammation throughout the body — cutting down on pain, followed with improved healing.

It kills all cancer cells

It kills yeast and fungi
A MUST for any Candida fighting program

Hormone balance improves — having a positive impact on Menopause — before, during, and after.

Allergy relief improves

It’s critical for lung disorders — breath a lot easier — healing improves with increased oxygen.

It improves digestion, and bowel movements — less gas and pain with greater nutrient absorption

…and this is just a short list…

Overcoming oxygen deficiency is simple.

Yep. Easy, and simple.

But before I give you the "easy way," it would be unjust of me and not fair to you not to mention various ways to increase your oxygen levels that may not be so easy but important to you.

3 Great Ways to Increase Your Oxygen

Exercise increases oxygen briefly during the workout and a while after, and works wonders for you. More importantly it increases the amount of oxygen your body can hold.

Deep Breathing Exercises over time will expand lung capacity improving your ability to get more oxygen with each breath. Make sure you are getting clean air. It won’t help much if you have to spend your newly gained oxygen countering toxins breathed in.

Change Your Diet to an alkaline diet instead of the acid diet you are all too comfortable with. Eating alkaline or alkaline forming foods increase your body’s oxygen while acid forming foods eat up your oxygen. Did you know, too, that alkaline forming foods give you more energy?

The easy way I am about to show you actually enhances and improves oxygen generation and retention produced with the above three methods. So, by all means, use every way you can.

Feeling Good With Oxygen
The Easy Way

Testing oxygen saturation via a Pluse Oximeter

This is a Pulse Oximeter - or a pulse and oxygen saturation meter.

If you have been to a hospital or clinic lately you will see one clamped on a patient’s finger with a wire leading to a monitor indicating the patient’s pulse and oxygen saturation level.

Athletes use a battery operated one to monitor pulse rate while working out. While doing so they breath heavily taking in extra oxygen - with the increased breathing the Oximeter reading will show an increase in oxygen saturation, say one to three points, indicating more oxygen is in the blood.

After the workout and during resting, the reading will drop back down to where it normally would be before the workout.

oxygen tank to feel better?

Now take a ten to twelve ounce class of pure water, give a couple of quick shakes of this little bottle of Oxygen Elements Max (Oxygen Elements) to redistribute the ionic minerals in it, then add 7 drops of it to the water and drink it.

Having recorded your oxygen saturation reading on the Pulse Oximeter beforehand - wait about 7 to 15 minutes, and record the new reading that now shows one to two points higher - showing a good increase of oxygen in the body - all the while at rest.

And this will last for several hours - much longer than an exercise routine.

Walah! As promised, ...the easy to feel better with more oxygen!

Its as simple a putting a few drops in a cup of juice or pure water three times a day and drinking it.

I've heard six hours of Yoga breathing exercises each day will give you just a much oxygen. You got time for that?

(Note: If you are ill this test may not show and increase of oxygen, because your body will use it quickly until health is improved.)

Note too, that this pulse oximeter test is a proof that Oxygen Elements works.

Rest assured, everyone needs more oxygen, more energy, and have them feeling good about themselves. No one fails to benefit from it whether you’re very healthy or very sick. You don't have to worry about side–effects, Oxygen Elements is very safe.

With the use of Oxygen Elements you can expect what extra oxygen does for you. That is, it offer more energy, improve the immune system, kill — bacteria, cancer cells, yeast and fungi, anaerobes of all kinds, and will detoxify the body down to each and every cell.. You’ll feel good!

It comes with other ingredients that will make your body happy. - Such as; an enzyme blend to improve body chemistry.

And an amino acid blend for building new and stronger cells.

There are 78 ionic trace minerals that perform major tasks to build good health. These minerals are very essential for good health.

It's Fulvic Acid greatly enhances the life and strength of cells, and improves the ability of cells to accept nutrients more efficiently. It has a powerful effect on removing heavy metals from the body, and is a good anti–oxidant.

As one of the more powerful natural electrolytes known, Fulvic acid restores electrical balance to damaged cells, and neutralizes toxins, too.

I’ve been feeling good with oxygen and enjoying more energy and better health for a long time.
I use it almost every day (some days I’ve been known to forget) for over 10 years. I’m still amazed.

I have always ordered it HERE

Oxygen Elements Max @ feelingbetter.Net

Who’s Going to be Excited About This
and Why


EXTRA Oxygen Enhances All Walks of Life

Athletes boast of  greater performance, stamina, endurance, and quicker recovery time.

Juris Cycle Team '06 Champions feeling better with Oxygen Elements @ Feelingbetter.Net

It has been acclaimed by sports professionals and coaches as the “difference that is making the difference“. Oxygen Elements Max’s unique formulation quickly restores electrolytes making it a powerful “mini sports drink” requiring only a few drops to restore balance in minutes.

Cool, right?

Workout Routine After pushing your limits, burning a lot of oxygen, using up electrolytes, you can get rewarded with quicker recovery, restoring electrolytes, and greatly reducing lactic acid build–up in muscles, eliminating a lot of soreness following a hard workout, with a few drops of Oxygen Elements.

TIP: Take a few drops before and after the workout. You will appreciate a lot less pain tipicaly followed by a good workout.


feeling better hiking mountain or cycling in high altitude — get more oxygen using Oxygen Elements @ Feelingbetter.Net

A Trekker’s Dream — Whether Hiking or Cycling its great for preventing High Altitude Sickness / Acute Mountain Sickness. It supplies the required oxygen a hiker or bicker can normally come up short on in high altitudes.

Now you can take advantage of a competitive edge. Would you like to ’out hike the hikers’, or ’outlast the bikers’ and have more energy at the end of the trail? Sure you would.
You can have an advantage no matter what the sport activity.

Tip: Moving to a higher climate? The first two weeks are a “real drag” while the body adjusts to the altitude. Oxygen Elements can make all the difference. You won’t have to feel extra tired while your body adjusts to the lesser oxygen in high altitudes.

Its great for avoiding High Altitude Sickness.

Lung disease limits oxygen intake — well improved with Oxygen Elements @ Feelingbetter.Net

Lungs Disease critically limits oxygen intake. Victims of these diseases are highly susceptible to infections and other health risks due to low oxygen and weakened immune system - common with of low oxygen intake.

More oxygen means more energy, a stronger immune system and less infections and other health risks. Its a very simple pulmonary relief solution.

Do You Want to Bypass the Cold and Flu Season?

It only takes a few drops a day to keep feeling good with oxygen. I’ve been able to avoid the nasty cold and flu seasons for several years with consistent use.

Who can use Oxygen Elements?
Everyone at ALL ages. (I’m sure that includes you)

Cancer Support — fighting cancer requires a lot of oxygen – get it every way you can!

Recovering from the damages of cancer treatment requires a lot, too.

Sick No–More — Its exciting to know that by increasing oxygen in your body, you help the body to, heal, and in less time, and can keep it that way longer. Get the edge on preventing illness.

Keep in mind, higher levels of oxygen in the blood is KEY in any weight loss program. Oxygen burns fat cells! Why do people exercise? To build and tone muscle, and BURN FAT. ...you will be amazed how this can be done an easy way! !

Increasing your oxygen supply improves nutrient absorption, improving your digestion. Take some just before eating, for this and for much better digestion. Included in the ingredients are enzymes that further improves digestion.

feeling better couple using Oxygen Elements @ Feelingbetter.Net

Power Up your food supplements and get more out of them by taking a few drops of Oxygen Elements with those supplements. They perform poorly when you are low on oxygen, but can reach their maximum potential in a high oxygen environment. CAUTION If you take prescription drugs do not take Oxygen Elements at the same time, keep then at least thirty minutes apart.

Recovering from an Accident, taking 1, 2 ,3, even four years should not be. Maintaining a higher level of oxygen does wonders for pain relief and faster healing, and gaining a stronger immune system. Break the slow healing barrier, and get pain relief, by increasing your internal oxygen.

oxygen tanks @ feelingbetter.Net

Lugging an Oxygen Tank where ever you go to help your ailing body? What, a 2 to 42 pound burden to carry? How about a 1 (one) ounce bottle of Oxygen Elements Max? Fits purse or pocket? Worth your consideration, right?

You Now Have 4 Ways to Fix This
Unasked-for Oxygen Deficiency

The first three ways are: Exercise, Deep Breathing exercise, and Changing your diet. And the fourth is the "Easy Way." Without a doubt the first three will prove well worth your while although challenging, but should also be pursued.

The "Easy Way" is to purchase some Oxygen Elements Max. This is a win win solution all around. It boosts your oxygen level over longer periods of time, and enhances the other three ways so you can get much more benefit from them.

Win win, right?

Feeling good with oxygen for more energy and feeling better about yourself is now in your hands.

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Oxygen Elements Max @ feelingbetter.Net

What You Think You Are Not Feeling
        — You Are Feeling

What You Think You Are Not Seeing
        — You Are Seeing

What You Think You Don’t Have
        — You Have

Has this happened to You?
You have been down a road fifty times and you spot something you haven’t seen before, only to be reminded that it has been there since the first time you went down that same road.

This happens to all of us quite often. We become so familiar to something that we at times develop a blind eye to things we become very familiar with.

This will be no less true in your experiences with Oxygen Elements.

It is very common to experience good feelings and good changes to health after beginning the use of an especially good food supplement - as can be expected here.

So expect that once you become familiar with your improvements, after a time you may think Oxygen Elements is not working for you. Be rest assured your multiple benefits are there to stay as long as you are using it.

Actually most of your benefits you will never discover, but that won’t change the fact that they are there. Over ten years of experience with Oxygen Elements makes this clear to me.

Avoid the trap.
Often people order this product. or any other good food supplement just once - expecting miracles. Oxygen Elements usually shows some improvements within days and weeks as stated earlier, many are subtle, virtually hidden to you, working in the background for you, yet assuredly there. . Energy being the most often recognized early benefit.

It takes time.
Your body will adjust to any new nutritional improvements and take advantage of them over time making changes over a period of 90 days initially, six months, and even a year later. Realize, it will take purchasing such a product several times to prove it’s full value. Just be willing to give it a fair chance.

Feeling good with oxygen for more energy and feeling better about yourself will be there for you, even when you think you don’t feel it, or see it, or think you don’t have it working within you.

Oxygen Elements Max just click...


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Another Proof
That Oxygen Elements Works

This second proof requires a special microscope, a Darkfield microscope. Before taking some Oxygen Elements we can observe, through this microscope, a sample of blood as it appears in this picture:

blood sample 1 Oxygen Elements @ Feelingbetter.Net

The 'before' observation, above, shows some blood cells sticking, while the 'after' observations, shown below, shows no more sticking and increased activity in movement between blood cells — indicating improving circulation. And this improved activity begins in a very few minutes after Oxygen Elements is taken.

blood sample 2 Oxygen Elements @ Feelingbetter.Net

Below, One Hour After Taking Oxygen Elements Max, the cells remain independent of each other with continuing good circulation.

blood sample 3 Oxygen Elements @ Feelingbetter.Net
This unsticking affect may be a solution to
avoiding blood clotting.

There is One Final Proof

The only final proof left, is you. That's right, its you. Only after you have used Oxygen Elements will you know without a doubt that it truly works. Its now up to you to take action, and enjoy your benefits.

Feeling good with oxygen and having more energy loves company. You may want to try this with your friends at the same time — test it together and share notes.

blood sample @ feelingbetter.Net

blood sample @ feelingbetter.Net

blood sample @ feelingbetter.Net

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